The adventure of Philosophy, L-ve, Lust…


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  1. Luckystrike says:

    This page, in all honesty, is truly the greatest text that has ever graced my visual perception. I have never been stimulated in such a way from a simple “About” page. It completely amazed me. I am, without doubt, a better person from reading it. My life will, having read this glorious example of pure and natural splendor, be infinitely more fruitful and rewarding. I feel that my intellect has been severely augmented as well. I’ve rarely seen academic achievement of this magnitude; this work surpasses mere “greatness” and reaches a realm of genius few will ever attain. It has reached a literary Nirvana. Part of its beauty is that it is also very easy to read, so younger audiences will also be able to enjoy its truly wonderful and life-enhancing qualities (and younger audiences would easily relate to the side-story in chapter 7 about the 2 children and the thing they did to the dog. Who hasn’t done that?). I apologize for I have found myself going on a tangent; once you’ve read something this, and I say with no hyperbole, divine piece of literature, it is hard not to share its magnificence with others whom have not read it and been exposed to its Christ-like effect. I’ve come to suspect it even has physical effects on the reader’s biology (I think my penis has become larger since reading it). In summation: this book will change your life (and possibly result in superpowers; it’s only been 8 minutes since exposure). We should, as a nation, unite in its splendor.

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